The Story of Skanestas Investments

In the fast-moving world of finance, Skanestas Investments stands out. It started with a simple idea: to combine traditional finance services with modern portfolio management. Today, Skanestas is known across Europe for its innovative approach and reliable services.

The Beginning and Growth

Starting Up

Skanestas was founded in 2013 in Cyprus. This location was chosen for its strategic position, allowing easy access to both European and US markets. The goal was clear: to operate under the strict EU rules while reaching out to the global market.

Growing Strong

From the initial team of four, Skanestas has grown to over 40 employees. This growth isn’t just in numbers. The company has evolved from focusing on brokerage to becoming a leader in asset management. Key milestones include getting its license in 2014 and starting full operations in 2015.

What Skanestas Offers

Skanestas is known for its portfolio management and structured solutions. It aims to serve its clients with discretion and efficiency, ensuring their investments are managed well. The company’s success is closely tied to its clients’ success, thanks to its profit-sharing model.

Keeping Up with Changes

Adapting to the Market

The finance world changes rapidly. Skanestas keeps up by expanding its services and embracing new trading strategies, like algorithmic trading. It’s also a custodian and trading member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange, showing its deep involvement in the finance world.

Staying Compliant

In a world full of rules, Skanestas takes compliance seriously. It stays ahead of regulatory changes and invests in keeping its operations transparent and safe. This commitment to doing things right is a big part of its reputation.

Looking to the Future

Skanestas has big plans. It’s focusing on growing its algorithmic trading and exploring new markets. The goal is to stay competitive and keep providing top-notch services to its clients.

Skanestas Investments has come a long way from its beginnings. It’s a story of ambition, growth, and a commitment to excellence. As it looks to the future, Skanestas continues to be a trusted name in finance, ready for whatever comes next.