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Embracing Flexibility: Skanestas’s Evolution from Office-Only to a Global Workforce

By March 12, 2024March 14th, 2024Blog, News, Skanestas Life


Anna Lyamina, HR Director, Skanestas

Anna Lyamina, HR Director, Skanestas

In the dynamic world of algo-trading, safeguarding commercial and algorithmic confidentiality is crucial. For a long time, this necessity shaped Skanestas’s approach to work arrangements, keeping our operations strictly within the office. However, as the world changes, so does Skanestas. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, served as a catalyst for us at Skanestas to rethink and transform our work environment, welcoming flexibility, trust, and worldwide collaboration.

A Shift in Perspective

Initially, Skanestas’s approach was driven by necessity. The confidential nature of our work made an office-only policy essential. But as technology progressed and our team became more diverse and skilled, we saw the opportunity for a more adaptable model. The pandemic accelerated this shift, highlighting the importance of adaptability in uncertain times. The game-changer was realizing that successful remote work was built on three pillars: Initial Trust, Advanced Technology, and Individual Reputation.

Building on Trust and Technology

In our industry, trust is earned, not given. However, we’ve discovered that with the right technology and a team committed to integrity, the possibilities are endless. We’ve invested in secure, cutting-edge systems that allow our team to work together and innovate from any corner of the globe without compromising security. This leap forward, combined with our steadfast trust in our team’s professionalism, has enabled us to gradually introduce remote working options, a move further validated by the pandemic’s push towards virtual collaboration.

Global Collaboration, Local Support

While we now embrace working from anywhere, we still celebrate and encourage moving to our headquarters in Cyprus. For those who choose to call this beautiful island home, we offer extensive support. We offer comprehensive relocation support, from visa assistance and initial accommodation to long-term housing search assistance and integration into our vibrant local team. Our central Limassol office is more than a workspace—it’s a hub for growth, offering competitive salaries, educational opportunities, and full medical insurance for you and your family.

Considering Relocation? We’ve Got You Covered

Our dedicated team handles everything, allowing you to transition smoothly into your new role. By the time you arrive at your new home, every detail will have been carefully arranged – because we believe in looking after our own.

A Future Built on Flexibility and Care

As we look ahead, our dedication to flexibility, security, and our team’s well-being is stronger than ever. Whether you’re working from a beach in Thailand, a café in Paris, or our Cyprus headquarters, you play a crucial role in our journey. The pandemic taught us the value of adaptability and the strength of our global community. We’re more than just a company; we’re a global community, driven by a shared passion for algo-trading and innovation.

To our current and future team members, know that we value your contributions, wherever you are in the world. Together, we’re not just adapting to the future of work; we’re actively shaping it, inspired by the lessons learned during the pandemic.

For further questions or if you’re interested in joining the Skanestas team, feel free to reach out to our HR Director, Anna Lyamina, on LinkedIn

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