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Skanestas Announces Updated Terms and Conditions for Investment Services

By February 12, 2024May 20th, 2024News

February 12, 2024

Skanestas Investments Limited has released updated terms and conditions for the provision of investment and ancillary services, effective February 8, 2024. These updates are designed to enhance client protection and service delivery, reflecting Skanestas’ commitment to excellence in financial services.

On February 8, 2024, Skanestas Investments Limited implemented new terms and conditions for the provision of investment and ancillary services. This update, approved by the Board of Directors, is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance client protection and ensure optimal service delivery. The updated terms are now available for review and are effective immediately.

Key Updates Include:

Client Categorization:

  • The updated terms provide a detailed explanation of the client categorization process. Clients are categorized as “Retail,” “Professional,” or “Eligible Counterparty,” each offering different levels of protection and service. This categorization ensures that clients receive services tailored to their specific needs and experience levels.

Order Execution:

  • Enhancements have been made to the procedures for executing client orders. The updated terms emphasize Skanestas’ commitment to best execution practices, ensuring that client orders are executed under the most favorable conditions available.

Client Obligations:

  • The new terms clarify client obligations and rights, including the conditions under which Skanestas may refuse or cancel orders. This ensures that clients are fully aware of their responsibilities and the safeguards in place to protect their interests.

Safeguarding Client Assets:

  • The updated terms include comprehensive measures for the safeguarding of client financial instruments and property assets. These measures ensure that client assets are protected and managed with the highest level of security and integrity.

Quote from Skanestas:

“We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standards of service and protection,” said Kirill Kuchinskiy, CEO for Skanestas. “These updates reflect our commitment to transparency, client care, and regulatory compliance.”

Clients are encouraged to review the updated terms and conditions to fully understand the changes and how they impact their relationship with Skanestas.

For detailed information and to review the updated terms and conditions, please visit our website.