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Skanestas Releases Annual Top Five Execution Venue Report for 2023

By May 20, 2024News

May 18, 2024

On April 30, 2024, Skanestas Investments Limited proudly published its Annual Top Five Execution Venue Report for 2023. This comprehensive report offers valuable insights into the execution quality across various trading venues, reaffirming Skanestas’ commitment to transparency and excellence in financial services.

Skanestas Investments Limited has released its highly anticipated Annual Top Five Execution Venue Report for 2023, available since April 30, 2024. This report is a crucial regulatory requirement under MiFID II, ensuring that clients and stakeholders are well-informed about the quality and performance of the execution venues utilized by Skanestas.

The report provides a detailed analysis of the top five execution venues for various financial instruments, including equities, bonds, and derivatives. Key highlights from the report include:

Top Venues: For retail clients, StoneX Financial Ltd and Velocity Clearing LLC were identified as the top execution venues, ensuring high-quality execution across trades.

Execution Factors: Skanestas placed significant emphasis on critical factors such as price, costs, speed, and the likelihood of execution, ensuring that client orders were executed under the most favorable conditions.

Best Execution Policy: The report underscores Skanestas’ stringent adherence to its Best Execution Policy, which is designed to achieve the best possible results for client orders consistently.

Key Insights:

Retail Clients: The top execution venues for retail clients demonstrated high volumes and efficient order execution, maintaining a balance between passive and aggressive orders.

Professional Clients: The report also outlines the top venues for professional clients, highlighting the differentiated approach taken to cater to this segment’s specific needs.

Future Enhancements: Skanestas continues to enhance its execution strategies, leveraging advanced data analytics and monitoring tools to ensure the highest standards of performance.

“We are committed to transparency and excellence in our trading practices,” said Kirill Kuchinskiy, CEO of Skanestas. “Our Annual Top Five Execution Venue Report is a testament to our dedication to providing the best execution quality for our clients.”

For a detailed review of the Annual Top Five Execution Venue Report for 2023, please visit our Disclosure section.